Tub was stripped then refinished

Old and stained shower stall refinished

22 holes repaired where handrails and grab bars were

Cleaned ceiling and shower stall, re-grouted, primed and painted ceiling, refinished walks and base, replaced floor

Drilled holes, installed handrail, repaired previous holes

Mended busted shower base

Clawfoot bathtub restored

Fixed cracked and stained utility basin

Patched multiple cracks and leaking in shower bottom

Repair after shower base was hit with hammer

Shower stall cleaned, re-grouted, and caulk replaced

A shower unit needed a wall cut out of the fiberglass shower and to fix a leak in the pluming of the adjacent shower

Cracked and leaking shower base repaired and refinished

Tile cleaned, re-grouted, and base refinished

Recolored tub and tile

Tub floor repaired

Refinished tub stained by bad water softener

Discolored wall replaced

Refinished tub/tile, blue tub and cultured marble sink so that realtor could list property